Am I Eligible ?

Passionate changemakers ready to serve:

Our volunteers are college graduates, teachers, engineers, entrepreneurs, skilled technicians and others from the MENA region and the world ready to partner with communities to make a difference.

Choose your program:

Find the Volunteer program that is the right fit for you. Each program has different time commitments and requirements, but all offer the opportunity to serve abroad through the international Arab peace corps programs and to serve locally through the Salam nation programs.


Service time
Salam Nation programs: 3 to 6 months plus the training period. The international Arab Peace Corps programs : 1 to 2 years plus the training period.

Volunteers are
MENA & global citizens, at least 21 years old, ready to depart in 1-3 months.

Perfect for
College graduates, retirees, career changers, anyone with strong skills looking to make a difference in the world.

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