Step By Step

Organizations cannot be built overnight even if generous donors contribute millions of dollars. At the Arab Peace Corps- Salam Nation we know this quite well this why we need your support and input to help us grow as we move forward.

The Arab Peace Corps-Salam Nation is seeking generous donations to support build our capacity to set operations, hire key staff, recruiters, trainers, program developers, and marketing experts to reach out to global, international and local corporations to partnership with us as co-sponsors and partners, and help with creating a worldwide network of partners and members, both individuals and corporate. Phase I will also include setting up two regional offices, one covering North Africa and the other Middle East.

The Arab Peace Corps- Salam Nation will seek more substantial funding to start recruitment and deployment of the first 100 volunteers (locals) for deployment in their own countries to work in specific projects and within specific communities. International volunteers will be recruited for deployments when all local governments regulations and permits are obtained including travel and stay visas.

Will launch our various program by recruiting international volunteers who will serve across the MENA region, building our capacity from 100 to 500, 1,000 to 5,000 within 5 years.

All volunteers will be college graduate committed to full 2 years of service. Business executive volunteers and skilled technicians will be deployed for periods of 3-6months and professors on sabbaticals from 3-6 months.

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