Trainings and Orientation

Each volunteer will undergo 3 weeks of intensive training covering background information of the work, country do and don’t, personal safety and security, understanding of the guidelines, and terms and conditions of volunteering. Professionals in the field will conduct this training program.

The Arab Peace Corps-Salam Nation selects and trains you to serve in your communities and across the MENA region. While you serve others we serve you by taking care of you. We train and qualify you for the challenges ahead.

Career Benefits:
For the international Arab Peace Corps volunteers, we provide regional, social, language (when needed) and technical training at the start of the service.
Throughout the service, Volunteers have regular opportunities to gain new skills related to work, culture, management, leaderships and safety. This training and experience gained make the “alumni” of the Arab Peace Corps-Salam nation in high demands by corporations, nonprofit and governments seeking candidates with maturity, skills, and experience for today’s global economy.

The Arab Peace Corps- Salam Nation offers career support and placement specifically tailored to the Volunteers when they return home to help them prepare for their careers by:

• Help translate their field experience to prospective employers.
• Access to jobs announcements, resume services and career fairs.

Medical Benefits:
The Arab Peace Corps- Salam Nation will provide medical care that covers medial expenses during the periods of service, covering medical cares during training and deployment and during vacations.

Financial Benefits:
The Arab Peace Corps-Salam Nation provides modest living allowance to cover local/family housing and living stipend that enable volunteers to live within the means of the communities they serve. Unlike other international volunteering programs, there are no charges or fees to participate in the Arab Peace Corps-Salam Nation, no application fee and we cover your medical exams.

Travel and International Experience:
The Arab Peace Corps-Salam Nation in partnership with local and regional airlines and ground transportation will cover airfares to and from country of service. Each Volunteer receives two (2) days per month of service and may use this time to travel within the country or the regions.

Universities, Public and Private Sectors:
The Arab Peace Corps will work with local and international universities to secure scholarship for the alumni and will also develop with local governments and business of a fast track employment process for the alumni.

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