It is in times of wars, conflicts, and chaos, and terrorism, despair, that investment in peace and development become more urgent. Help us give youth reasons to live for, not causes to die for.

Many countries in the MENA region are suffering from conflicts, despair, wars, terrorism, poverty, hunger, marginalization of youth and communities, poor education, absence of public health facilities and programs, inequality of opportunities, unemployment with no hope in site.

All of these issues present a clear and present danger to nations and societies and are national security issues that must be addressed and dealt with not only through security and military means, but also by total cultural, societal, education and economic transformation of societies.

This is where the Arab Peace Corps – Salam Nation becomes a cornerstone to build on for societies to achieve peace with itself and with others, societies with a lasting culture of peace.

If ISIS/Daesh and other terrorist organizations can recruit and fund over 45,000 mercenaries from countries ranging from France, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, and many others, to kill and die for a cause, certainly 350 million people in the MENA region; governments, private businesses, philanthropists, and individual donors can afford to fund and sponsor 5,000 Arab Peace Corps – Salam Nation volunteers. If only one million young professionals commit $27 a year we can achieve our goals and objectives. Thank you.

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